My Writings and Guest Posts…

I have written my whole life; diaries, journals, letters, poems and more. Writing is how I make sense of my life, my experiences, emotions, and even at times myself. Here I will be sharing a collection of writings, related to adoption with you.


Mixed emotions, as I was starting to invite the idea of digging into my adoptee experience…

Thoughts About My (First)Mother

Thoughts regarding the implications of my adoption papers…WHAT HAPPENED?

This One is for My Fellow Transnational Adoptee Brothers and Sisters from Colombia, and in Reaction to Watching “The Dark Side of Adoption” from the Show “The Traffickers”…

A black hole filled with ghosts, my first year and a half of life…

(Writing my feelings and experience in the third person…) A Long Way From Home…Who is She?

The Realization of Having Been Abandoned…


A Letter to The People Involved in My Adoption

I am not her…anymore

Reflecting on My (birth)Day



Dear Adoption

Find my piece here: Dear Adoption, There is Always Something Missing

This was the first piece I ever wrote in regards to my adoption and it is about not feeling I belong fully anywhere. It was originally published on the site Dear Adoption, a platform that shares the written work of adoptees, in an effort to elevate the adoptees’ voices.


RG Adoption Consulting

Find my piece here:  Contradiction in the Life of an Adoptee

I wrote this piece because I believe that, while I can work to change many aspects of the adoption process, domestically and transnationally, and while I personally advocate family preservation first and foremost, I can also use my voice to help fellow adoptees, mainly the little ones who don´t have one yet, current and prospective, by sharing my story, my experience and my truth with a group who really needs to hear adult adoptee voices; the adoptive parents.


La Voz Del Hijo

Find my Piece here (in Spanish): La contradicción en la vida de un hijo adoptivo

The above piece about the contradiction in the life of an adoptee was translated into Spanish and is featured on the blog La Voz del Hijo, run by fellow adoptee Florencia Lalor, born and adopted in Argentina.


Adoption Advocacy Podcast

Find my episode here: Episode 9: Amanda Medina- The contradictions adoptees face, and exploring our story

I was guest a guest on an episode of the podcast Adoption Advocacy Podcast where I shared my story, talked about contradiction, guilt and coming out of the fog, feature many adoptees face in their lives.



Letters from a young Therapist – Letters to Redeem Psychology and Pop Culture

Image featured/mentioned in the blog post “What if Freddie Mercury Led “Adoption Awareness”