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Building confidence by Empowering from WITHIN

This Adoptee Life exists for anyone who is connected to adoption. It started as a blog to share my own story as an adoptee, unpacking my experience. Today, I am here to support fellow adoptees and the people who are close to them, by providing information, community, coaching and consulting.  This Adoptee Life is here to build a community on open, honest conversation, with the mission to create love, safety, and belonging, from within.


Empowering from WITHIN...

Find your VOICE, find yourSELF, find your HOME!

When I first started exploring and sharing my adoptee story, I realized I wasn’t alone. I found community and fellow adoptees, who made me feel seen, heard, accepted, and loved.

This Adoptee Life was built on, shaped around, and will always stay connected to my dream of offering fellow adoptees that same experience.

Share your adoptee story on This Adoptee Life Blog, or This Adoptee Life Podcast, and know that you have my support, as well as the support of a community of fellow adoptees, and non-adoptees who are here to listen and learn.

Empowerment with coaching

We work together to re-write your story, and to move from surviving to thriving. You deserve love, happiness, and PEACE.

validation in consulting

We work together, with the common goal of creating support for an adoptee in your life and building authentic connections.

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About me

"It took love to build safety. It took courage to find confidence. It took looking within to meet my authentic self. And, now I am committed to helping others do the same."

Coming out of the fog (unpacking my own adoption) was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It broke me to the core, and I had to let part of myself die off. I wasn’t ready for that, and at one point I didn’t see how I would ever be the same again…

And, today I smile from the heart, I feel safe and loved, by others, but more importantly by myself. I understand myself, my own emotions, and my emotions about my emotions, and I am able to not just push things away, but welcome it all. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Some days it’s easier than others, but the overall trajectory is moving upwards and forward, and I am grateful for the people who have been my mentors, my role models, and my support along the way. Because I have sat in the darkness, the brokenness, the anger, the pain, the desperation, and the fear, I want to bring hope and let you know that you are not alone. I see you. Let’s connect and work together, toward healing, safety, and confidence.

“This Adoptee Life was born out of my own process of coming out of the fog. Now, I want to help others, by providing hope, love, and support. ”
Amanda Medina
This Adoptee Life

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What people are saying...

Amanda cares and has always been mindful about providing supportive spaces. She takes breaks and serves the adoptee community with utmost integrity and respect. Amanda has done her own inner work and she is in this for the right reason. She cares about each individual and knows that each of us goes at their own pace. I highly respect Amanda’s soul purpose and trust her guidance. It is for the greater good. Thank you for allowing me to share .
Lisa Springer, domestic adoptee
Amanda from This Adoptee Life was one of the few people there for me when I came out of the fog. She supported and was able to understand where I was coming from without judgement but with compassion and love. Amanda is a sweet person who is there for you 100% of the time you need her. She let me ask so many questions and didn’t ghost me at all. If your looking for someone to trust start with Amanda.
Michael Libberton This Adoptee Life Website Blog
Michael Libberton, transnational adoptee
The path of unraveling the feelings and emotions of being an adoptee is a lifelong process. It can be confusing and isolating. I am so thankful that Amanda came into my life when she did and banded with me as we walked through the fog together. In a moments time I found someone who was safe and non judge mental and allowed me to feel and express any emotion or thought that bubbled up. While I had no choice in becoming an adoptee I surely had the choice of who I could share this journey with and I am so thankful that I chose Amanda as my wingman! Forever Grateful! ❤️
Amy Hunter, transnational adoptee
Amanda from This Adoptee Life is definitely putting the magnifying glass on such an important issue of adoption. I my self am not an adoptee, but with all of the wisdom of Amanda's story I have learned much more on how to navigate through it, educating myself on such an important topic. The way she conveys her story with such passion…it feels so relatable that it has helped not only learn about adoption but it has helped me with my own challenges regarding family. Her gentleness on how to approach it all is like no other. If you choose to work with her, you won't regret it.
Article This Adoptee Life Website Blog Image
Yari Reyes, Non-Adoptee who is here to learn

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