COMMUNITY – Where to find us!

In addition to My Adoption StoryFellow Adoptees Stories and Writings, and My Writings here comes a new feature I call COMMUNITY – Where to find us!

My dream is a network that spans across the globe, of adoptees coming together and finding individual strength and validation in the wider community of fellow adoptees.

With that in mind, I am compiling a list of adoptee centered resources. Here you will find websites, blogs, vlogs, books, articles, movies, projects, social media accounts and more, with the common feature of raising awareness around the experience of adoption – from the adoptee perspective.

There will be 5 new additions every week, making it easy for you to check each of them out! Please, feel free to connect with me if you want to be featured, or if you have suggestions that you think belong on the list!

Here are five great resources for this week:


This is the book by put together by Elena S. Hall, which is a collection of memoirs of 50 adoptees. Elena is a passionate adoption advocate, an adoptee herself, sharing her own and fellow adoptees stories through this book.


Meag Hudson is the adoptee behind the blog This Adoptee Journey. You can find her via this link and read her story on the blog and follow her on Instagram.


Isabella Ojeda is a transracial adoptee and the force behind this blog. She is a strong voice, raising awareness around adoption.


My cousin, Leticia Mendez is a transnational adoptee, born in Colombia, adopted to and raised in the US. Her blog has a focus on the reunion part of an adoptees life, and the “after reunion” that can prove another emotional and mental mine-field for the adoptee.


Adoption Reunion Search & Support is a group of volunteers coming together, offering their knowledge and support,  assistance with searching, and raising the adoptee’s voice to advocate for change. They started the hashtag #adopteerightsmatter.


Please, check the full list here: COMMUNITY – Where to find us!

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