COMMUNITY – Where to find us!

Community – Where to find us!

My dream is a network that spans across the globe, of adoptees coming together and finding individual strength and validation in the wider community of fellow adoptees.

Here are 5 more great resources for adoptees, and anyone who is in any way connected to an adoptee.


Cameron Lee Small is a Korean adoptee behind the blog Therapy Redeemed, He is a licensed professional clinical counselor for individuals and families on the adoption and permanency spectrum. Cam is focused on helping people adopted transracially flourish and be challenged in their own adoption stories as he develops conversations on psychology, theology, and pop-culture here at Therapy Redeemed.


An organization with local support groups meeting throughout the US. They focus on supporting adult adoptees y providing a network to feel refuge in, and to connect with where adoptees support and validate other adoptees. If a local group does not exist in your area, there is an option of contacting them to start one.


This is the project of Amalia, a Guatemalan adoptee who is a community and cultural organizer. Gaute Like Me works to build kindship among Guatemalan adoptees.


Adoptees have the floor and write letters addressed to Adoption itself on this platform. I have a letter featured on here myself. Dear Adoption aims to elevate the adoptees’ voices and raise awareness around the adoptee experience.


Based in Australia, this adoptee-centered website features blog posts by adoptees, resources for adoptees and a community for adoptees to connect with and be part of. In their own words, their mission is “A world where existing intercountry adoptees are not isolated or ignored, but supported by community, government, organizations, and family throughout their entire adoption journeyA world in the future, where inter-country adoption is rarely necessary.”


Please, check the full list here: COMMUNITY – Where to find us!


PS. We are all in this together!

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